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Dave Meek

Like many of you I had dreams and goals I wanted to achieve as a young boy and eventually as a young man. I stumbled on weight lifting when I was very young. My cousin had played college football for Indiana as a linebacker and had given my brothers and I a role model in staying fit, which for him was weight training.  That stayed with me through the years and grew even more as I reached twelve years of age, when weight training became organized through the High School football program.  My older brother was always expected to keep an eye on me so when he had to do conditioning he brought me along. At first the coaches keep me by them watching from the sidelines until one day they needed an extra person to stand in a formation. From that day on, they allowed me to do conditioning with them which included weight training.  

Immediately I discovered a real love for moving the weights, they allowed me to see real progress in the mirror or in the increase of the weights I was moving.  These steps toward becoming stronger and bigger made me want and love it even more. Well, that feeling of getting stronger and bigger has never left me to this day and over the years, I have taken in as much knowledge and experience as I could, either through competitions in power lifting or bodybuilding.  I used all I learned to get better and I shared what I had learned with others.

This is where Muscle Mafia grew from the need for strength, fitness and motivation.  The core idea has always been and will continue to be one of a positive nature, ever encouraging others to reach for something more than they were today and in doing it helping others do the same.  Over the years, Muscle Mafia has helped many athletes achieve personal goals and competitive ones as well.  Like you we all compete and know the challenges that come with it, so we strive to keep cost down while maintaining very high quality - so you don't have to stress.  

My name is David Meek, to many just Dave, to others The Boss but to all a friend feel free to message I assure you I will get back to you with an answer.

Jen Graft

I started lifting in 2012, shortly after achieving my MBA from Miami University.  That November I was trying on jeans and when I couldn't fit in my size I was determined to lose weight and get back to being thin. I started my weight loss journey with a gym membership and 2 free personal training sessions. In January 2013 I signed up for more sessions & was quickly addicted to lifting. In the past, I had only been involved in sports related training, with no weight lifting. I found a nutritionist to help me with my meal plan and learned the importance of diet.

There are many proud moments in my life, where I have accomplished ambitious personal goals. Losing weight, getting fit and competing in bodybuilding shows rank at the top of my list.  I found a true passion in my weight loss journey, which now has become my lifestyle. I have competed in 6 shows as a figure competitor and plan to compete as a physique competitor for my next show. 

I feel the best I have in my life and at age 45 I look forward to coaching others to help them achieve their personal fitness and competition goals.   From experience I can say that hard work, dedication, consistency, a positive attitude and experienced and successful guidance can help you achieve great things in the fitness world.  Determine what you want and we can help you get there. 

My name is Jennifer Graft, to many it is Jen, and to others it's Lady Boss.  To all I will do my best to help you and anticipate we can become friends.  Contact me at ladyboss@musclemafia.biz

Tyler Meek

Hey Muscle Mafia family, I’m Tyler, Dave's son. Most of you have probably seen me working at our booths at local NPC competitions. I am also an active competitor in NPC bodybuilding so if you don't see me selling at the competitions I'm usually on stage.

I guess you could say that there is iron in my blood pun intended. For as long as I can remember I have been it the gym. Whether it was chilling in a ring of 25lbs plates in my walker as a baby or in the stands watching my parents compete I have always been around the iron. My love for training began watching dad compete in powerlifting. After a while he made the change to bodybuilding which opened up an entirely new world to me. Not only does my dad bodybuild my mom did as well. I am blessed to have been given such great support system and way of guidance when it comes to our sport. I started training when I was 13yrs old with my wrestling team in middle school. After dad saw that I was serious about growing he took me under his wing and began to coach me in the sport. All throughout high school I trained while doing other sports. I participated in track and field, wrestling, football, and diving. But none of them compared to bodybuilding I knew then that this was the sport I was meant to be in. Since then I have competed in multiple competitions and don’t plan on stopping any time soon.



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